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Quality Hearing Aids at the Best Prices

Don’t empty your bank account to hear better. We have the latest Bluetooth, smartphone, adjustable hearing aids and TV streamers at the lowest prices. Try our system. Prove that it works for you. Call us for a 60 day free trial. Think of it! Hearing again for just $594.

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"If you have hearing loss and haven’t received the help you need, call Ran Kohn. He is a straight shooter and a fair businessman. I have known him for 15 years and I am confident that he will do all he can to help you hear better."

– John J. Casey | Command Sergeant Major (Retired), US Army

"I had a hearing test about 3 years ago, but was reluctant to pay even the “inexpensive” $2600 that Costco wanted. Then Ran pointed out that there was no logical reason to pay so much, since the components cost did not justify the price that everyone charges. Paying only $1000 for high quality aids was a relief. Ran’s quality and price are right. Don’t wait. Get them."

– Frank Kashner | Marblehead, MA

"In Ran from Hearing Wisdom, I discovered a sympathetic ear and patient teacher who explained why addressing my age-related hearing loss was vital to my health, provided hearing aids at a reasonable price that I can afford, and answered all of my questions about how to use them. I am recommending Hearing Wisdom to all my family and peers!"

– Susan S. | New York, NY

"I just wanted to call with some feedback to you about the hearing aids for my mother. She received them yesterday midday and she is ecstatic. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart."

– Bear C. | Ohio

Incredible Savings

Incredible Savings

Our price for a pair of HD quality hearing aids can save you thousands!
True Customer Service

True Customer Service

There's no need to wait. If you're not sure, or need info -- call us at (888) 564-2436.
Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 60 day trial period, If you're not satisfied with our product, return it within the trial period for a full money-back guarantee.