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Living with hearing aids and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Living with COVID19 and hearing aids, whenever you put on a mask make sure the hearing aids are tightly secured and in place. And that is because when you put the mask on or take it off, the hearing aids could fly off in any direction.    So please take extra care before leaving the house that your mask or bandanna is on securely and when you get home, that you take it off carefully.  Both times check that your hearing aids are in place.


The 5 most important features to look for when buying hearing aids

Which features in today's hearing aids are the most important? 

Consider your lifestyle and comfort level with technology. Just as some people do not get used to contact lenses or progressive eye glasses, each person needs to be comfortable with the aid that will help their hearing.  In the case of hearing aids, one has to consider what will make using the hearing aid the easiest for each person.


A Quiet Place Uses Silence in Film

this is a movie where you almost don’t need to wear a hearing aid, as there are subtitles for every sign language interaction....For those who will wait until the film is out on Blu-Ray, Hearing Wisdom’s  TV streamer is a great device to enjoy the film with if you wear a hearing aid.