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A Quiet Place Uses Silence in Film

On April 6th, the film A Quiet Place premiered to rave reviews. After its trailer debut during the Super Bowl, it may have looked like another ordinary horror film. However, this film has an interesting concept that many viewers often don’t consider: noise can be harmful. John Krasinski plays a father whose family is struggling to survive in a world where humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by horrific monsters that are blind but make up for it with super sensitive hearing.  By staying silent, John and his family can be invisible to the monsters.


To most people, complete silence may seem like a blessing, but this film takes it to a new level. There is extensive use of sign language in the film as even a whisper can get them killed. In a way, this film provides a slight glance into what life is like for somebody who is hard of hearing.

Millicent Simmons, who plays the character Regan in the film, is deaf in both the film in real life. She not only brought an extra layer of authenticity to the film but was also responsible for teaching sign language to the rest of the cast.


A really touching aspect of the film was how John Krasinski’s character kept trying to build a new device to help Regan with her hearing. This not only shows his love and concern for his daughter, but the device plays a special role towards the end.


Due to the concept of silence in the film, this is a movie where you almost don’t need to wear a hearing aid, as there are subtitles for every sign language interaction. That said, there are still several lines of dialogue in the film, so don’t leave your hearing aid at home. Plus, since it’s a horror movie, would you really want to miss the occasional scary sound?


For those who will wait until the film is out on Blu-Ray, Hearing Wisdom’s  TV streamer is a great device to enjoy the film with if you wear a hearing aid. 

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In all, A Quiet Place is an enjoyable film that dramatizes a world where noise can be harmful. Luckily for us, sound improves our lives, rather than endangering our lives. And we already have technology like Hearing Wisdom’s newest hearing aids to improve our access to sounds which enrich our lives.