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Buying Hearing Aids Online: What are the Facts?

We get many calls from people who would love to buy from Hearing Wisdom, if only we were located locally near them. They would prefer to shop locally rather than from some distant unseen shop over the Internet. This is understandable. Most of us older folks are used to doing all our shopping locally—we think of Internet shopping as for the next generation and our grandchildren. Us older folks may love low prices, but we are a bit uncomfortable about purchasing a major item online. What will happen? How do we know we are getting what we paid for? What if it doesn’t work? What if we are unhappy with our purchase?

Let us at Hearing Wisdom tell you, our potential customers, how we respond to the issues of hearing aid adjustments, payment processes, and returns.  

Adjustments are often necessary especially for first time users.  Why? Most people, when they are finally persuaded to go to the audiologist to get hearing aids, have undergone significant hearing loss. Thus, the first time they put on a hearing aid, they invariably complain that the hearing aids are too loud.  Audiologists familiar with this issue set the initial settings lower than needed, and tell the customer to come back in a week. At that point, the technician raises the volume.  Some customers may need two or three trips to the audiologist before they feel comfortable with having the hearing aids set to their actual needed level.  

But technology has changed. Many new hearing aids, certainly Hearing Wisdom’s hearing aids, can delay the setting of the needed level from a week to even several months.  So, adjustments by technicians are no longer necessary. Our hearing aids automatically adjust over time based on your usage and slowly raise the hearing aid program to your prescription level.  

Additionally, all of our hearing aids come with separate volume control for each program setting on the hearing aids.  This makes it possible for you, the hearing aid user, to control and adjust the hearing level for your personal needs. This is easily done by yourself. Finally, our hearing aids “learn” from experience and reset themselves to the user’s commonly used setting over time. You will find that you do not even need to make adjustments as you wear your new hearing aids.

As for the payment process, we at Hearing Wisdom have relationships with financial institutions to process your credit card. We use First Data Corp (through Citibank) and PayPal.  These are the same companies that other online vendors, and even brick and mortar vendors, use to process your payments.  And you can be sure that they check us out financially and socially. If they were to get complaints about us—they would pull the plug—it’s as simple as that. We have never had a breach of confidentiality of any sort because the information is entered on their banking system not on our computers.

Refunds, when requested, take place as quickly as purchases and in the same manner. Remember we have a 60-day money back guarantee, which is longer than most other companies. We inform our bank to return the funds to you as soon as we receive the hearing aids. Most people report the refund takes place often the same day we notify them that their hearing aids have been returned. We want our customers, even when they request a refund, to tell their friends that the payment process as well as refund process was smooth and uneventful. 

As a matter of fact, if you are unhappy with your purchase, buying locally can become very disadvantageous compared to buying from us. How so? Their return policy is much costlier than ours.  Local shops are legally allowed to charge a restocking fee that sometimes can be as much as 10% or higher.  If you have paid $5,000 with an audiologist, the restocking fee can be as much as $500.  And if you have paid $8,000 which is a common price for our top of the line hearing aids at brick and mortar shops, the restocking fee can be $800 or even higher.  You will have just paid several hundred dollars for a hearing aid you do not use.  Keep in mind 1 in 4 purchasers at brick and mortar shops return their hearing aid so this is a significant cost to consider.  This is a cost you never incur with us. Not only are our hearing aids much cheaper, but we do not charge any restocking fees.  We refund 100% of your payment.

Our prices are low because we have a special relationship with the major manufacturers themselves.  Our uniquely low price is based on using our name brand and the volume of our sales of their products. We at Hearing Wisdom and our manufacturers have such confidence in our product that we also include the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty on both labor and parts.  

We at Hearing Wisdom have a mission of making hearing easy, clear, and inexpensive to all those who have age-related hearing loss.  We are dedicated to serving our customers at the highest standard and are ready to converse with you all days of the week.  Technology helps us simplify the adjustment of hearing aids, but will never replace our dedication to you, our customers, to selling the best hearing aid that is available at the very best price.  Happy hearing!