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The 5 most important features to look for when buying hearing aids

Which features in today's hearing aids are the most important? 

  1. Volume control: While most modern hearing aids come with multiple programs which we all have learned to take for granted even more important is volume control.   All modern hearing aids are programmed on a computer, but you are still going to want the ability to change the volume.  If the party is too loud you will want to lower the volume at other times you will want to raise the volume.  In short take it from a hearing aid wearer volume control is by far the most essential feature of any hearing aid. 
  1. Smartphone Control: Some hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible and can communicate also with the smartphone. This is a very useful functionality for those who use their smart phones in various ways and are comfortable with their smartphones. This connectivity improves the clarity of sound of the hearing aid when you are making or receiving a call. And additionally, helps you because you can control your hearing aid settings through your phone. It is very helpful if you are already a smartphone user otherwise it is irrelevant. 
  1. Rechargeable Batteries: Hearing aids are powered by batteries. These are tiny and if you or loved ones for whom you may be purchasing have a significant tremor or have visual or physical dexterity issues, it may be difficult for them to replace the batteries, which will need replacing 1-2 times a week. We recommend buying hearing aids with rechargeable batteries. These are simple holders into which the hearing aids are placed at night. In addition to charging the hearing aid, it is a safe location for placing the hearing aids when they are not being worn. Click here for product information.
  1. Remote Controls: Today’s hearing aids generally come with 4 programs for regular environments, noisy environments, entertainment and more. These controls for these setting are quite small and reside behind the hearing aid and may be difficult for some people to reach let alone adjust. So, a remote control, which is also quite small, 1 inch by 2 inches, is a handy gadget. The remote also has volume controls if needed. Click here for product info.
  1. TV Streamers: This is a terrific enhancement to the hearing aid and can be used with any TV, with or without cable. The streamer is a small box which picks up the signal from the TV and transmits the sound directly into the hearing aid. The person wearing the hearing aid can adjust the volume without impacting the volume of the TV that is heard by others in the room. This is a real blessing for those who are watching TV with a person who has some hearing loss.  No longer does the TV have to be loud enough to hear outside of the house!! Click here for product information.

Consider your lifestyle and comfort level with technology. Just as some people do not get used to contact lenses or progressive eye glasses, each person needs to be comfortable with the aid that will help their hearing.  In the case of hearing aids, one has to consider what will make using the hearing aid the easiest for each person.