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Rock Stars Don’t Let Hearing Loss Stand In Their Way And You Don’t Have to Either!

For some time hearing aids have been considered “weird”, “uncool”, and even “strange” for someone to wear. Because hearing loss is associated with aging, they are labelled as making one seem older. This concept has stopped hearing aids from being as mainstream as glasses. However, if you ask many rock stars about hearing aids, odds are you’ll get a different story.

Imagine blasting music in your ears at a high volume. Now multiply that by 100. That is what rock stars deal with on a near daily basis when they’re touring. Since excessive noise is a common cause of hearing loss, it should come as no surprise that musician after musician ends up suffering from hearing loss.

It doesn’t stop them from rocking ‘till the dawn, and it shouldn’t stop you either!

  • Sting - Sting is the incredibly well-known rock star with a very successful career, both solo and with The Police. He is also an avid and very vocal supporter of the Hear The World initiative, a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the consequences of hearing loss.
  • Bono - Yes, you read that correctly. The lead singer of U2 suffers from hearing loss and has even sung about it before! With such a rockin’ career, it’s clear that hearing loss cannot stand in the way of this Rock and Roll juggernaut.
  • Ozzy Osbourne - The lead singer for Black Sabbath certainly has an interesting life and with all the heavy metal he has played over the years, it’s no surprise that this rock legend suffers from hearing loss. Wearing hearing aids has let him continue is very successful career.
  • Brian Johnson - The lead singer of AC/DC has nothing but great things to say about hearing aids. After his hearing loss sidelined his career mid-tour, he met with Brian Ambrose, the inventor of an in-ear monitor that the musician absolutely loves. He may even return to his career!
  • Pete Townshend - The well-known guitarist and songwriter from The Who also wears in-ear monitors that allow him to continue rocking on, even into his 70s. If there’s any evidence that hearing devices can help a music career; it’s him!

These are just a few big names in Rock and Roll that suffer from hearing loss. There are simply too many to list. It isn’t limited to musicians either. Other celebrities that suffer from hearing loss include actors Rob Lowe and Halle Berry (whose hearing loss was caused by domestic violence), as well as Derrick Coleman of the Atlanta Falcons.

What these stars decided was that they wanted to hear!  And they wanted to continue their vibrant successful lives.  So think of hearing aids as a tool to help you succeed in all your life priorities: your family, your friends, your avocations, and your vocation.  Don’t let hearing loss be a barrier to leading the life you want.  And consider buying from Hearing Wisdom where you will save as you buy!