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The LSN-iTotal Hearing Aid: $998 each

Who is it for?

Hearing aid wearers whose lifestyle is younger than their years. If you use a smartphone (Android or iPhone), this is the hearing aid for you! While there have been hearing aids that synchronize with smartphones for some time, this one uses the newest technology developed by hearing aid companies and smartphone companies to give the wearer a seamless interface between the two. And you do not need any extra devices. Just get up and hear! And now it features an optional ZPower rechargeable battery system. With a single overnight charge, people can enjoy all-day power without interruption and without the need for regular battery changes. 


What is special about this hearing aid?

The LSN-iTotal is our top of the line hearing aid and is totally compatible with your smartphone. It is manufactured by a subsidiary of one of the Big Six American hearing aid companies and we have special distribution rights to sell it under our name.


This compatibility means that not only can you adjust your hearing aid by using your phone, but you can actually hear better too. Your hearing aids act like enhanced ear buds and actually improve the range and quality of sound directly into your ear. It is the newest model of a hearing aid which is directly compatible with a smartphone.


The iTotal works supremely well with the iPhone. If you have an iPhone then Made for iPhone hearing aids© can help you hear more clearly, when you are using the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Your IPhone can also act like a third hearing aid because of the Apple invention called Live Listen©. This feature allows for a greater sound range to be transmitted to your hearing aid in restaurants, meetings or other group environments. If you have an Android phone, your phone enables you to make easy adjustments to volume and program without fiddling behind the ear.

TV Streamer In addition to the smartphone features the LSN-iTotal can be connected directly to any TV via our TV Streamer accessory. This small box (4 inches X 4 inches by 1 inch) when connected to your TV will stream TV Dolby HD Sound to your hearing aids and you will be able to control the volume as a 5th program. All the while other people watching the TV will be able to listen to the program at the volume they are comfortable listening to.

The key functions of this hearing aid include:

  • High-definition (HD) sound quality. The LSN-iTotal features an automatic transfer of high frequency sounds (that most of us with hearing loss struggle with), which is sensed by the hearing aid when it is programmed.  The hearing aid moves these sounds into our hearing range. Anyone who has used a hearing aid before will immediately notice the difference.
  • 4 user controllable program channels. The LSN-iTotal uses AI software to “sense the environment,” and automatically manages a Universal hearing setting designed for most situations. In addition, there are multiple settings for difficult to hear situations such as restaurants, meetings and classrooms, as well as multiple music, TV, and entertainment settings.  Unlike many other hearing aids, the wind setting and sudden noise setting are prepackaged and thus do not take up additional program settings.  
  • Volume control. The LSN-iTotal allows you to control the volume independently on each program setting. 
  • Binaural coordination between hearing aids. With Binaural Coordination, the LSN-iTotal can wirelessly transmit adjustments between the left and right hearing aids. Binaural Coordination assures both instruments work together seamlessly.  
  • A sophisticated noise management system. The LSN-iTotal features two noise-management systems that have a totally different way of processing sound. They are both controlled by Speech in Noise (SPIN) Technologies. This feature highlights speech while reducing background noise.
    • Near field noise.  In typical restaurant environments SPIN automatically suppresses background sounds.
    • Far field noise. In classrooms, houses of worship, and conferences, SPIN is designed to pick up distant sounds. 
    • Tinnitus Sound SupportSPIN even helps sufferers of tinnitus, by reducing the sensation of ringing in the ears (call us about this special feature).
  • Advanced sampling rate. The LSN-iTotal uses the most advanced sampling rate available in the industry today, delivering the ultimate in audio quality.
  • Compatibility with cell phones. The LSN-iTotal can be controlled by both Apple products and Android phones. It also uses the additional capabilities of Apple products to add the device as a third microphone.

How much does it cost?

We sell the LSN-iTotal for $998 for one hearing aid and $1,996 for two. If you use this hearing aid for 3 years this is less than $2.00 a day! You will have the highest quality natural sound and a seamless integration with your smartphone.  Think about how often you use your phone. Imagine that your phone is actually helping you hear better!  Some users say that it makes them feel and act younger!

What does the Hearing Wisdom Package include?

Our motto is 20th century personal service with 21st century hearing technology at affordable prices for everyone.

  • Our highly trained technicians customize your hearing aid to your audiogram and your life style. We will talk with you about which environments you find challenging to hear well in. We will program your hearing aids to best suit your needs.
  • We will mail you your hearing aids within 2 business days of receiving your order, and shipping is free. We include free batteries for 60 days and will supply you with a year’s worth of free batteries.
  • We follow up with you to find out how the hearing aids are working and to answer any questions you may have. Adjustments are free of charge for an entire year.
  • We offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.
  • We include 3 years labor and parts manufacturer warranty.
  • We offer an insurance plan if you feel you are liable to easily lose your hearing aid. This plan allows you to replace one hearing aid a year at a reduced cost.
  • As a valued customer of Hearing Wisdom, you will join the Hearing Wisdom Club. This allows you to upgrade your hearing aid in future years at additional discounts.
  • We are available to answer your questions Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM, EST at 1-888-564-2436. You can also email us at anytime of the day or night, and we will respond within 24 hours.


How do I get started?

  • Send us your audiogram (hearing test) to or fax it to our dedicated toll free line 1-888-586-4756.
  • Order the LSN-iTotal online. You will be asked for your preferred payment options and shipping address.
  • That’s it! Simple! Call us at 1-888-564-2436 if you have any questions or chat with us online.



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