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Our Promise

The Hearing Wisdom Promise

Hearing Wisdom is committed to providing the best service in helping you find the hearing aids, which improve your hearing.

People choose Hearing Wisdom as their hearing aid provider for many reasons. We promise you satisfaction and great hearing again. 

Wonderful Quality—All of our hearing aids and devices use the newest advanced technology ensuring many years of successful hearing. We don’t recommend trying it, but they are all water resistant. It is the batteries that don’t like water.

Invisible yet Stylish—Our hearing aids are nearly invisible, and you can also choose the color you prefer.  They are comfortable with whatever hats or glasses you like to wear. And for women, you feel totally at ease wearing earrings and hearing aids at the same time.

So Convenient—As soon as we receive your audiogram, we program your hearing aids and immediately send them to you via priority mail for you to enjoy immediately. No need to come in to a store!

Diligent Customization—Your hearing aids are programmed by our technicians especially for you.  If you need additional adjustments we do those for free.

Optimal Price—At Hearing Wisdom, you pay significantly less for hearing aids than you would at most other suppliers. Batteries are free for a year and after that half the price of what you would pay in a store.  If you happen to lose one during the first year or later, we will replace it at an even more reduced price.

Money Back Guarantee—Your purchase comes with a 60-day full price guarantee. Absolutely no risk while you get accustomed to wearing your new hearing aids.