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Many thanks for your help and clear advice. I have been wearing my hearing aids now for a couple of weeks and cannot believe what I had been missing. I am in a new universe. 

Jim M., Michigan


I'm pleased to tell you that my LSN-Wisely hearing aids are performing well and I am very satisfied after the 60-day trial period. I can hear my students' HIGH, squeaky voices again, which is always a good thing!  I only regret that I hadn't found you in 2008 -- when I bought other hearing aids for $3,000. I hear more clearly with your LSN-Wisely units. These have four programs from which to choose. Live and learn.

Richard H., Louisiana


Just to let you know that I love my hearing aids.

Sharon, McQ., Oregon


I am enjoying them, do not even feel them in my ear.

Gertrude, C. Rhode Island


I am pleasantly, surprisingly, pleased with the hearing aids I got yesterday.  Very little distortion of natural sound.  Very little wobbling (don't know the best word here) of tones on the piano (or microwave).  These seem much better than the higher priced ones I have tried.  

Peter W., New York


We received the hearing aids Saturday just fine and I was very happy to get them! We want you to know how extremely happy we are with “the personal” touch of your service, there never was any apprehension and we were always very comfortable talking on the phone with you, like we already knew you. I always felt a little uncomfortable buying over the internet, but not this time, and we thank you for that. I have been using them steadily and I can see the difference in the changes you made!  I am very happy with them.  

Frank C., New York.


It is working! I am able to hear the telephone conversations with my hearing aids.

Anthony, D. Illinois


Hurray the package arrived and I am testing my new toys. They are remarkably small and work very well. I came across your existence by accident and it took some time to verify you. Thanks for your patience. The product I think is terrific and the price is very competitive, with more exposure you should sell a ton of these things. Initially I was offered a $7000 set but now have yours.

Hans S., Florida

Thank you for your response. Terrific Customer Service!  

Susan D., Washington 


The HA's are working as well as they can, i.e. I hear better with them than without, and they work better than my previous ones. I always wondered how much better the higher models from same company work. Now I know!  Thank you.

Hans, S. Canada


It is now 2 weeks since my wife has used the hearing aids, there is no doubt that she has benefited greatly. She can talk to our grandchildren over the phone now.

George, B., Missouri


I am wearing my hearing aids all name, say from 7 am or 7:30 am until bedtime as they are really making my hearing so much better.

Richard, McC., Texas


I think you do a great job. Your product is so much better than the ones I tried up where I live.

Mary, J. New York