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LSN-Wisely Ultra Hearing Aid (Set of 2)

$ 1,589.00

LSN-Wisely Ultra Hearing Aid (Set of 2)
LSN-Wisely Ultra Hearing Aid (Set of 2) LSN-Wisely Ultra Hearing Aid (Set of 2) LSN-Wisely Ultra Hearing Aid (Set of 2) LSN-Wisely Ultra Hearing Aid (Set of 2)

$ 1,589.00

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The LSN-Wisely ULTRA

Hearing Wisdom’s LSN-ULTRA (for Listening Wisely) is a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) digital hearing aid. Our made-in-the-USA device comes from a company that’s been in the business for more than 30 years. The LSN-Wisely ULTRA is the most advanced hearing aid to address hearing loss available on the Internet.

  • Industry leading super high-definition (HD) sound quality. Most hearing aids are constructed to the limit of the audiogram; our LSN-Wisely ULTRA has been designed to capture the full scale of hearable sound, which is almost twice what most other hearing aids capture. The ULTRA can capture up to 14Khz. The result is a richer fuller sound experience throughout the listening bandwidth.  It is immediately noticeable to previous hearing aid wearers.
  • Auto-SYNC mode. In this mode LSN-ULTRA software senses the environment and automatically chooses which of the six programs settings to employ so you don't have to. The automated settings for speech in noise, music, wind, industrial noise as well as acoustic phones and T-coil (for use in venues such as movie houses, theaters, and public spaces for hearing loops) and finally even silence, for when you need it, are also accessible manually.
  • It features a noise-management system with more than 111 independent channels that continually monitor and manage speech and noise to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • It uses the most advanced sampling rate available in the industry today, and its 32-bit processing delivers the ultimate in audio quality.
  • The LSN-Wisely can now be coupled with a number of Bluetooth devices that have the capability to connect with both iPhones and Android phones as well as your TV.  Call us for details on these new product offerings at 1-888-564-2436.

Our Package

  • Our price is $1589 for a pair of hearing aids pre-set to your audiogram.  Includes FREE shipping. 
  • 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • All our orders are shipped FREE with all necessary accessories including batteries.
  • After the 2 month trial period we will continue to send you all your needed accessories including batteries free for a full year. 
  • The hearing aid will be serviced for free during the first year, though we do not expect any issues. In general, receiver-in-the canal (RIC) hearing aids last longer than other types.
  • A full set of instructions will be enclosed.  We are also available to answer your questions Monday to Friday, 10AM to 6PM EST at 888-564-2436.
  • Send a copy of your hearing test (also called an audiogram) with your order, please send it to us via email to, or FAX it to our dedicated toll-free FAX line 1-888-586-4756.