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ZPower Rechargeable Battery System

$ 225.00

ZPower Rechargeable Battery System

$ 225.00

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Hearing Aid wearers love the features of our LSN-iTotal—and now it’s even more flexible!The new LSN-iTotal features the ZPower rechargeable battery system. With an overnight charge, patients can enjoy all-day power without interruption and without the need for regular battery changes.


With ZPower batteries in the LSN-iTotal:

  • Hold 40% more charge than other rechargeable microbatteries
  • Can interchange with disposable batteries if needed
  • Last about a year—buy them once annually!

The LSN-iTotal will perform all day, even using advanced features like Bluetooth streaming. Since the hearing aids (not the batteries) go right on the smart charger, there’s no need to fumble with tiny discs and frequent change-outs. It’s simple and convenient. And one ZPower rechargeable battery lasts for 400 charging cycles—as long as 100 disposable batteries!

Estimated battery life with ZPower*



Listening activities

Duration per charge

Normal use


No streaming


18 – 19.5 hours


90 minutes of iPhone® streaming


16 – 17 hours


4 hours of TV + 1 hour of iPhone® streaming


15 – 16 hours


*Estimated battery life may vary depending on the use of the hearing aid, the degree of hearing loss, amplification and listening activities.